• Geoffroy-Schneiter Bérénice, Crick Monique
    Bijoux d’Orients Lointains, au fil de l’or au fil de l’eau
    263 pp., 233 colour ill., 9 b/w ill., Geneva/Milan, 2016, CHF 60.-

    Bijoux d’Orients Lointains, au fil de l’or au fil de l’eau
  • Niklès van Osselt Estelle (with texts by Lepeu Pascale et Haiyang Song)
    Asia Imagined in the Baur and Cartier Collections
    334 pp., 417 colour ill., 35 b/w ill., Geneva/Milan, 2015, CHF 85.-

    Asia Imagined in the Baur and Cartier Collections
  • Crick Monique, Loveday Helen, Niklès van Osselt Estelle
    Alfred Baur, Pioneer and Collector
    458 pp., 426 colour ill., 73 b/w ill., Geneva/Milan, 2015, CHF 250.-

    Alfred Baur, Pionnier et Collectionneur

In English

  • Ayers John
    Chinese Ceramics in the Baur Collection
    2 vol., 208&256pp., 208&237 col. ill., Geneva, 1999, CHF 250.- *
  • Brinker Helmut & Lutz Albert
    Chinese Cloisonné: The Pierre Uldry Collection
    The Asia Society Galleries, New York
    1989, 300 pp, colour and b/w ill. CHF 50.-

  • Crick Monique ed.
    Chine impériale, Splendeurs de la dynastie Qing, 1644-1911 (in French only)
    216 pp. colour illustrations throughout, Geneva/Milan 2014, CHF 60.-
  • Crick Monique
    Chinese Trade Ceramics for South-East Asia
    Collection of Ambassador and Mrs Charles Müller.  Baur Foundation, Geneva, 2010, 415 p., 291 pieces illustrated in colour, CHF 150.-
  • Eijer Dieuwke
    Kagamibuta Mirrors of Japanese life and legend
    The Baur Collection/Heinz Kaempfer Fund, Leiden
    1994. 95 pp. 104 colour and b/w ill. CHF 50.-

  • Dees Jan
    Ferns Feathers Flowers. Japanese Lacquer of the Meiji and Taishô periods from the Baur Collection
    Museum für Lackkunst, Münster
    2000, 288 pp. 233 colour ill. CHF 50.-

  • Dunand Frank (ed.)
    Cahier des Collections Baur no 1, Japanese Sword-Fittings, Ornements de sabres japonais
    28 pp., 26 colour plates, 2 b/w plates, 1986, CHF 15.- (bilingual text French and English)
  • Dunand Frank (ed.)
    Cahier des Collections Baur no 2, Chinese jade, Jades chinois
    16 pp. in colour, 1988, CHF 15.- (bilingual text French and English)
  • Dunand Frank (ed.)
    Cahier des Collections Baur no 3, Japanese Lacquer, Laques du Japon
    16 pp. in colour, 1988, CHF 15.- (bilingual text French and English)
  • Dunand Frank (ed.)
    Cahier des Collections Baur no 4, Japanese Prints, Estampes Japonaises
    55 pp., 34 colour plates, 1994, CHF 15.- (bilingual text French and English)
  • Dunand Frank
    Baur Collection Geneva
    Musées Suisses, Paribas (Suisse) and Institut suisse pour l'étude de l'art, Zurich, 128 pp., over 150 colour ill., 1997, softback CHF 35.- French edition also available.
  • Fontanet Ambroise, Tsen Chunglu & Wirth Brentini Sophie
    The Pavilion of Marital Harmony, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy between Tradition and Modernity
    Baur Collection Geneva, (Dunand Frank ed.), 160 pp. over 80 colour ill., photos, 2002, softback CHF 48.- French edition also available.
  • Goddio Frank, Pierson Stacey & Crick Monique
    Sunken Treasure. Fifteenth Century Chinese Ceramics from the Lena Cargo
    London, 2000. 227 pp. 94 colour ill., CHF 50.-
    French add-on: Crick Monique, Trésor englouti, CHF 12.-

  • Korea University Museum
    The Fragrance of Ink, Korean Literati Paintings of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) from Korea University Museum
    164 pp., colour illustrations throughout, Seoul, 2013, CHF 35.-
  • Nikles Van Osselt Estelle
    Five Blessings. Coded Messages in Chinese Art.
    Baur Foundation, Geneva, 2011, 213 pp, CHF 60.-
  • Reverdin Olivier et Schneeberger Pierre-Francis
    Alfred Baur Pionnier et collectionneur - Pioneer and collector
    82 pp., 14 colour plates, 6 b/w ill., 1989, CHF 18.- (bilingual text French and English)
  • Tregear Mary
    One man's taste. Treasures from the Lakeside Pavilion
    Virginia & Edward Chow Foundation & Collections Baur
    Geneva 1988. 36 pp., colour and b/w ill. CHF 20.- **

In French only

  • Baptiste Pierre, Bui Minh Tri, Glover Ian, Viêt Nguyên
    Art ancien du Viet Nâm. Bronzes et céramiques
    136 pp., 75 col. ill., Geneva and Milano, 2008, CHF 60.-
  • Crick Monique and Loveday Helen
    L’Or des Steppes. Arts somptuaires de la dynastie Liao (907-1125)
    256 pp., 179 col. ill., Geneva and Milano, 2007, CHF 70.-
  • Crick Monique et al.
    Céladon. Grès des musées de la province du Zhejiang, Chine
    214 pp., 112 colour ill., Paris, 2005, CHF 60.-
  • Crick Monique et al.
    Sous la griffe du Dragon - Costumes de cour de la dynastie Qing (1644-1911)
    160 pp., 59 colour ill., Genève, 2004, CHF 50.-
  • Dubosc Jean-Pierre
    Les Quatre Grands Peintres de la Dynastie des Ming
    64 pp., b/w ill., 1966, CHF 5.-
  • Guide des Collections Baur
    56 pp., colour and b/w ill., 1981, CHF 8.-
  • Loveday Helen
    Estampes japonaises
    2e numéro de la série Guides Collections Baur
    32 pp., 14 ill. coul., Genève, 2008, CHF 6.-
  • Loveday Helen
    Laques japonais
    First volume of the new Guides Collections Baur series
    32 pp., 16 col. ill., Geneva, 2007, CHF 6.-

  • Schneeberger Pierre-Françis
    Chrysanthèmes (dans les Collections Baur)
    1967, CHF 5.-
  • Schneeberger Pierre-Françis et Vannotti Franco
    Peinture chinoise de la Dynastie Ts'ing (dans la Collection F. Vannotti)
    88 pp., 35 b/w ill., 1974, CHF 10.-

In Japanese (translated into English and French)

  • Idemitsu Museum of Arts
    The Baur Collection. Masterpieces of Chinese Cermaics from the Baur Collection, Geneva
    Tokyo 1994. In Japanese. 125 pages. 84 colour ill., (out of print)

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