Gold Of The Steppes

The goldsmith’s craft under the Liao dynasty (907-1125)

24 novembre 2006 - 25 mars 2007


The Baur Collection, Museum of Far Eastern Art, present for the first time in Europe an exceptional exhibition of gold ware from the Liao dynasty (907-1125), contemporary with the Five Dynasties (907-960) and Northern Song (960-1127) in China.

The pieces presented in this exhibition, selected from private collections, are an invitation into the delicate and refined universe of the powerful empire built by the Qidan nomads in Mongolia and the provinces of north-eastern China. Over a hundred gilded silver and gold pieces of both funerary and everyday ware illustrate the important artistic developments which occurred in the steppes and the areas conquered by the Qidan, revealing the complex cultural, political and social identities of these nomadic people.

New (in French only)

  • Crick Monique and Loveday Helen
    L’Or des Steppes. Arts somptuaires de la dynastie Liao (907-1125)
    256 pp., 179 col. ill., Geneva and Milano, 2006, CHF 70.-