kagamibuta 鏡蓋  : netsuke consisting of a shallow plain bowl, usually of ivory, encircling a decorated metal disk.


kaô 花押 or kakihan 書き判 : monogram seal added to the signature.


katabori 形彫 : small sculptures carved in the round.


manjû 饅頭 : rounded and slightly flattened netsuke, shaped like manjû rice cakes.


ojime 緒締 : string fastener for inrô, in the shape of a bead.


ryûsa 柳左 : a form of manjû netsuke made of hollowed-out ivory or bone, with openwork decoration.


sashi 差 : netsuke of elongated shape.


shibuichi 四分一  : metal alloy of copper and silver.


tonkotsu トンコツ : tobacco pouch made of wood or other hard material.