9 November 2018

From October 30th, AREthé exhibition

29 October 2018

The Baur Foundation is pleased to take part in the AREthé festival, held simultaneously in Paris, Oxford, Milan and Geneva.

At this occasion, a selection of contemporary ceramic creations made for the Japanese tea ceremony is presented on the second floor, opposite the tea room. 

Until mid November: Kunisada woodblock prints

5 October 2018

Utagawa Kunisada 歌川国貞 (1786-1864)


 Evening Glow over Ryôgoku Bridge, from the series Eight Views of Edo restaurant

Oban triptych, published by Shimizu, 1844

For reasons of conservation, the prints presented in the Japanese galleries on the second floor of the museum are regularly changed every two months. Between six and eight prints are on show at any given time.

New presentation of the donations gallery

11 September 2018

Restauration of the Chinese wall hanging

10 September 2018

27 August 2018

For a bit of freshness, discover iced matcha tea

2 July 2018

Workshops with Emiko Okamoto (Japanese Tea Advisor) on  July 4, 11, 22  and August 5 (limited seats, bookings on )