hiramaki-e  平蒔絵  : form of flat, level maki-e. 


hirame-ji  平目地 : lacquer ground with large gold or silver flakes of irregular shape.


inrô 印籠 : small box with compartments hung from the belt.


ishime-ji  石目地 : lacquer ground imitating a mat stone surface.


kaô  花押 or kakihan 書き判 : monogram seal added to the signature.


maki-e 蒔絵  : “sprinkled picture”, a generic term for lacquer decoration made by sprinkling fine gold and silver powders or flakes.


mokume-ji 木目地 : lacquer ground imitating the grain of wood.


ojime 緒締 : string fastener for inrô, in the shape of a bead.


raden  螺鈿 : term for mother-of-pearl inlay techniques.


takamaki-e 高蒔絵 : form of maki-e with elements raised above the surface.


togidashi maki-e  研出蒔絵  : form of maki-e in which the gold or silver powder designs are covered with lacquer of the same colour as the ground, then revealed once more by polishing.